Rise and Shine From The Feelings of ”I Feel Worthless!”

rise and shine

Rise And Shine From The Ashes Like A Phoenix

The world is full of harsh realities and unstoppable challenges. Every step confronts a new obstacle. Opposite forces slap us; bump us; and push us back. A hurricane makes things invisible and wraps things inside; crushes and takes away. The atmosphere seems harsh and rude. The strength of the body decreases and one becomes feeble. All the doors appear to be closed upon; despair engulfs zeal of life. The violent circumstances dash passion, hope, energy and enthusiasm of life. This is the time one should rise and shine from the ashes like a phoenix. This is the time when a person has to decide whether he wants to give up and become an unknown creature or ready to embrace the life of a legend. Indeed, one should not give up and make the obstacles surrender and kneel down in front of him.

Depression and Hopelessness

People around us are mostly sick of their day to day issues of life. They are always complaining about their lives. Depression and Hopelessness has surrounded them. These people have stopped to see the brighter side of the picture. They are blind and cowards. They have potential to face the challenges but they have given up. Most of them are living in the past. They are counting their failures. The only ‘skill’ they have is ‘to count their failures’. They behave like a defeated army.

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